Signs of Anger Management Problems

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Online Anger Management Courses

Signs of Anger Management Problems

Signs of Anger Management was written by future Industrial Organizational Psychologist, Brandon Araujo, for D’Arienzo Psychological Group in June 2014.

Anger management is a term that is frequently tossed around in a joking fashion; there is even a new television sitcom called “Anger Management.” These humor-based ideas of anger management are a dramatic misinterpretation of a very serious problem, which causes those who may actually have an anger control problem to not take it seriously.

Anger is a natural emotion and an instinctive reaction to something we perceive as wrong. This emotion can be either good or bad depending on how it is handled.

Someone who is effective at managing his or her anger does so in calm, controlled, level headed manner. For example, let’s say you become angry with your spouse because they neglect garbage duty for the second night in a row. The…

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